Cashier Counter

Height(mm): 900

Depth(mm): 550

Length(mm): 1800, 1200, 600

Colour: White, Matt Black

A cashier counter, also known as a checkout counter, is a furniture unit in a retail store where customers make their purchases and transactions are completed. It is typically located near the exit of the store and is manned by one or more cashiers.

Cashier counters can vary in design and size depending on the needs of the store. They are usually made of durable materials such as wood, metal, or plastic and may include a variety of features, such as a cash register, barcode scanner, credit card terminal, and bagging area.

The counter usually has a flat surface where the cashier can scan or input the items being purchased and a display screen for the customer to view the transaction details. There may also be a scale for weighing items, a printer for receipts, and a cash drawer for storing money.

Cashier counters are an essential part of any retail operation as they facilitate the final step in the customer shopping experience. They are designed to be functional, efficient, and secure to ensure accurate transactions and a positive customer experience.

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